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Cabal M Ph APK
App FeatureDetails
📱 App NameCabal M Ph APK
🕹️ Version [Latest] v1.1.131  
👨‍💻 Developer PlayPark Pte. Ltd
📏 Size 120 MB
🏷️ Category Role Playing
🔄 CompatibilityVaries with device
🛠️ PlayPark Pte. Ltd RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and above
🔒 PermissionsOn Setting Need to Allow
⭐ Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
📆 Last Updated06/02/2024
🌍 Official
📸 ScreenshotsAvailable Below on HD
📌 InstallationEasy Process
📥 Total Download1M+
📥 Download LinkClick on Button👇

Cabal M PH APK is one of the most played action MMORPGs. This updated version offers players a more exciting gaming experience. The game features an original story, with all features, including gameplay and graphics, carried over from the PC version.

Players can easily enjoy the game because of the auto-battle mode in the game. Another great element that allows players to combine skills and launch powerful attacks is the combo system. Players can customize their characters by choosing from different ultimate abilities. The game features difficult, detailed dungeons and bosses with lots of tasks to complete.


The arrival of the Cygnus server in the magical world of Navareth became a ray of hope for aspiring cabalists looking for a way to change the world. The opportunity to shape one’s destiny, enlightenment and rebirth are made possible by the divine presence. A council of zealous cabalists gathered who embarked on various missions to discover the secrets of Cygnus.

As they entered abandoned dungeons and dangerous areas, the promise of change reverberated throughout Navareth, inspiring each Kabalist to reach beyond predetermined boundaries. Little did they know that Cygnus would change not only their fate, but also the fabric of their magical world, ushering in a new age of immense power and knowledge for those who embrace the change. Had the courage to accept.

Brave cabalists who accept the challenge will join forces with the citizens of Mercury Server. Create parties, clubs and connections with old and new friends! Let’s work together to strengthen relationships in the new cable community.

style of play

The most attractive features of Cabal Mobile New Update APK are its intense PvP battles and action-packed gameplay. In this game, players engage in fast-paced battles against AI-controlled opponents and other players from around the world, making it a more action-oriented experience than typical MMORPGs.

Players can choose from a variety of character classes, each with a unique play style and set of abilities. There’s a class for every play-style, whether you’re a priest looking to protect your teammates, a warrior looking to engage in devastating melee combat, or a wizard looking to wield powerful magic.

Features of Cabal M PH APK latest version

Customizable characters

In the game, players can give their characters any customization they want. The game offers tons of character creation options, from choosing gender and hairstyle to customizing height and skin tone. As the game progresses, players have the opportunity to improve their characters’ abilities by equipping them with additional equipment, weapons, and costumes.

Different hero classes

The game features a diverse selection of hero classes, each with different playstyles and strengths. There is a hero class for every taste, whether you want to take part in battle as a warrior, wield powerful magic as a wizard, or provide assistance as a priest. Players can experiment with different play styles and methods to find their ideal character, as six classes are available.

Easy to use and intuitive controls

The game controls are easy to use and optimized for touchscreen devices. The controls are simple, making it easy for players to interact with other players, engage in battles, and explore the game field. Simple controls ensure fluid action, whether you’re using spells, executing deadly attacks, or navigating large areas.

Large-format, realistic maps

Cabal M PH Android APK offers a realistic and intense gaming environment that includes everything from vast cities to dangerous dungeons. Players can explore vast landscapes with varied landscapes, challenging dungeons and hidden treasures. Intricate level design and realistic environments will keep players engaged for hours, offering endless opportunities to explore and discover.

Exciting RPG action

Cabal PH Download offers exciting role-playing games with intense battles, massive missions and personal progression. Embark on exciting adventures, complete challenging objectives and engage in hand-to-hand combat with terrifying enemies. With multiple position options—tank, healer, and damage dealer, for example—players can customize their playstyle and create unique solutions.

A strong communication system. The interactive communication system makes it easy to stay in touch and collaborate with other players, whether you’re strategizing with your teammates, chatting with friends in world chat, or using voice chat during battle.

Some tips for playing:

  • Experiment with different character classes to find the playstyle that suits you best – each with unique abilities.
  • Use auto-battle mode when grinding or searching for simple materials
  • Use the combo system to combine powerful attacks and skills
  • Join guilds to team up with friends, complete group content, and get advice from experienced players
  • Fully explore each large, detailed map to find hidden treasures and challenges
  • Improve your equipment and skills through a customizable progression system
  • Use the communication features to strategize with your team during battle


Cable Mobile PH Game is an exceptional and addictive mobile MMORPG that successfully translates the PC experience. With action-packed gameplay, immense customization, a huge explorable world, and a unique story, there’s a lot to love. Character diversity, detailed environments, gear collection and interactive social systems ensure endless replay value. Whether you fight alone or join friends, Cabal M APK offers exciting RPG combat and progression to become a master. Touch controls have been refined for mobile devices, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the magical world of Navareth. It manages to stand out in the crowded MMORPG market by combining a compelling backstory, real-time combat, and deep RPG systems into one incredible package.

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