Select Deal, diplomacy, and friendship… What does PM Modi’s US visit mean for China and Russia? Deal, diplomacy, and friendship… What does PM Modi’s US visit mean for China and Russia?

Deal, diplomacy, and friendship… What does PM Modi’s US visit mean for China and Russia?

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Prime Minister Modi’s visit to America has been special in many ways. PM Modi’s visit was also special because it shows that the sour-sweet India-US relationship is now changing.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned from his visit, US President Joe Biden said that the friendship between India and America is most important for the world.

Biden tweeted, ‘America and India’s friendship is one of the most important friendships in the world. Both have come close to each other. The relationship between the two has become stronger and more dynamic than ever.’

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Responding to Biden, Prime Minister Modi also tweeted, ‘I agree with you. The friendship of our countries is the strength of the world’s good.’ PM Modi also wrote that the relationship between the two countries will be even stronger with this visit.

The White House issued a statement saying that during Prime Minister Modi’s visit, several important agreements were signed between India and the US to promote key areas such as defense, space, and trade.

PM Modi’s visit was also special because it shows that the sour-sweet India-US relationship is now changing. The relationship between the two has become deeper than ever. PM Modi’s visit was also special because the eyes of the whole world were focused on it. From this trip, the most chili hit China. He clearly said that America is increasing its friendship with India to counter China.

Are India-US coming together against China?

In the past few years, China has emerged as a major challenge for America. It has been believed that China can compete with America in the future. Whether it is a strong economy or a strong army. In both cases, China is now competing with America. Experts believe that deteriorating relations with China is bringing America closer to India. Because America can challenge China by supporting India. China also believes the same.

China’s official newspaper Global Times wrote in an article on Sunday that America has been resorting to India to deal with China for a long time. The newspaper writes that America makes alliances with such countries, from which it can benefit. He gives preference to countries based on his interests. Global Times wrote India is the perfect ally for America because it can fulfill all its goals.

The article also warns that India needs to be careful while developing a friendship with America, as its history has been one of backstabbing. America is infamous for betraying its friends. US-India relations are not sustainable. America has just opened its doors to India just so that it can deal with China.

In such a situation, it is also the compulsion of America to build good relations with India to compete with China. There is a reason for this. And, like China, India is also a country with a large population. The armies of India and China are also almost equal. India is also a big market. Therefore, China cannot be countered by ignoring India.

India is a big market:

The population of India is more than 140 crores. This is a big market in the eyes of the world. Everyone wants to sell their goods in India. Not only this, the middle class is growing in India. His spending power is also increasing.

America is also eyeing this market of India. This is the reason that six different trade issues between the two countries have been resolved during Prime Minister Modi’s US visit, including the issue of tariffs. Also, the US remains India’s largest trading partner in 2022-23. More than 10 lakh crores of rupees were traded between the two countries.

Doing business with America is not only good for America, but also for India. Because India’s trade balance remains positive in doing business with America. That is because India sells more to America and buys less from there. Whereas, this is not the case with China. Because India buys more from China and sells less.

Balance of Power in the South China Sea

There has been long-standing tension between the US and China over the South China Sea. China claims the South China Sea. This sea area between Indonesia and Vietnam is spread over 35 lakh square kilometers.

A few years ago, China started building its infrastructure in this sea. First China built a port here. Then the airstrip. And then on the spot, an artificial island was prepared and a military base was made here.

When this activity of China was questioned, it claimed that it has a two thousand-year-old relationship with the South China Sea.

In view of China, America also increased its activity. In the countries near the South China Sea, the American army directly challenged China by conducting military exercises. But America needs a strong country like India to prove itself in the South China Sea.

Actually, India considers the South China Sea as a neutral place. India believes that this sea does not belong to any one country. America wants India to stick to its point. Because insisting on this matter will also be a kind of support. PM Modi with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (File Photo)

Trying to get away from Russia:

Since independence, India has been closer to Russia than America. America does not want to allow this closeness to grow any further. And for this America is now adopting the Russian formula.

In fact, India is the largest buyer of weapons in the world. A report by the Swedish organization Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (CIPRI) states that between 2018 and 2022, India purchased the most arms.

According to Sipri, India is getting most of its weapons from Russia. Russia accounted for 45% of India’s arms imports between 2018 and 2022. Whereas, France came second with a 29% share. Number three is America, which has a share of 11%.

America wants to replace Russia in terms of weapons. But till now the problem was that America does not transfer technology like Russia. Not only this, American weapons are much more expensive than Russian ones.

But now during PM Modi’s visit to the US, an agreement has been reached between the two countries to jointly manufacture fighter aircraft engines. This agreement is between America’s GE Aerospace and India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). GE Aerospace manufactures the F414 engine and this engine will now be jointly developed with HAL for the Tejas aircraft.

Not only this, India and the US have also signed a deal to purchase armed drones. India will buy 31 MQ-9B Predator drones from the US for three billion dollars.

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