Transform Your Life with Plant Power: Discover How a Vegan Diet Enhances Sex, Boosts Longevity, and Nurtures a Healthy Heart

Transform Your Life with Plant Power

A new Netflix documentary based on the research, “What You Eat,” highlights the impact of a plant-based lifestyle on health and nutrition, just months after a study of the effects of meat and vegetarian diets in identical twin children.
After Netflix’s previous vegan documentary changed the way many people viewed a plant-based diet four years ago, director Luis Sihoyos aims to have the same effect with his new documentary, You’re What You Eat: A Twin Experiment. We hope this will be successful, which has already started. Stream Wagner, just in time for New Year’s Day.

The series is based on a Stanford study published in late November that involved 22 pairs of identical twins, one on a vegetarian diet and the other on a meat-based diet. The research aimed to control for the influence of genetic differences and lifestyle factors in the results, mirroring existing research on the effects of a plant-based diet on heart health — heart disease is the leading cause of death in Americans.

The documentary features vegan cheese queen Miyoko Shiner, Impossible Foods founder Pat Brown, three-Michelin-star chef Daniel Humm (of Eleven Madison Park), US Senator Cory Booker, public health nutritionist Tracy McWhirter and Clean Distraction author Tony Seba. , Kimberly Lay, founder of alternative meat company Prime Roots, Chad Sarno, co-founder of Wicked Kitchen.

In four episodes, What You Eat examines the Stanford study, the twins’ struggles and successes, concerns about recommended dietary guidelines, the transition to plant-based cooking, and the results of the study.

What does it mean to eat what you eat?

Mycelium Daily Meats by Prime Roots was featured in the Netflix documentary “You Are What You Eat,” courtesy of Prime Roots
In the documentary, Gardner describes the Standard American Diet – or “SAD” – as “not very healthy“. The result—an eating culture based on processed foods—is the result of decades of influential marketing and lobbying by the meat and dairy industries, which have convinced people that these foods are the only way to get the protein and calcium they need.

The documentary explores health and nutrition, covering issues such as the inaccuracy of BMI compared to the use of measures such as body composition, microbial and gut bacteria composition, telomere loss (which slows aging) and visceral fat (which is a sharp focus). ).. build up in your organs) and sexual factors (similar to what Game Changers highlighted all those years ago).

“What we put in our mouths is more important than anything else,” says nutritionist and plant-based diet advocate Michael Gregor, adding: “Processed meat is almost as sure to cause cancer as we believe. That cigarette smoke causes cancer and plutonium causes cancer.”,

One of the biggest highlights of the new documentary will be an appearance by Hamm, who shook up the culinary world by transforming his New York eatery into a primarily plant-based restaurant. After winning the World’s Best Restaurant award, Hamm oversaw the ingredients that went into the kitchen throughout Eleven Madison Park’s 20-year run.

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