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UP Police: Police will control crime by looking at the Hindu Panchang in UP, DGP said – ‘In these days there is crime’

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Hindu Panchang: The DGP said that crime incidents occur more often at night, a week before and a week before the new moon date of the Krishna Paksha of the Hindu calendar.

UP Crime Fighting: Incidents like robbery, murder and rape come to light with the help of Hindu Panchang. You may be surprised to hear this, but the DGP of UP has issued a circular stating that it has been established that in the Krishna Paksha of the Hindu calendar, ie. H.

Krishna Paksha falls a week before Amavasya Tithi and a week before Amavasya Tithi. There are other criminal incidents. In this regard, the DGP has asked all district captains and commissioners of police departments to spend 15 days in a month analyzing crime incidents and giving special attention to them.

DGP said in his letter that it is our responsibility to prevent criminal incidents and this can only be done with strong policing. For this, the DGP has instructed to promote the night patrolling service. The DGP said that murders, robberies, thefts and crimes against women are a common occurrence at night, which has a negative impact on the general public and there is a need to stop such incidents. Night patrol service should be encouraged.

Enter the date from the Hindu calendar:

The circular calls for marking the Amavasya Tithi of the Krishna side of the Hindu calendar and states that all police officers should mark the Amavasya Tithi at this time and exercise extra vigilance. A week before and a week after the Amavasya appointment was said to be extra careful.

The DGP said that during this time, crime mapping of all incidents received from CCTNS and Dial 112 should be carried out and appropriate action plans should be prepared by marking hotspots where incidents are taking place. d

The DGP has instructed all district officials to prepare SOPs keeping these dates in mind and has also ordered separate training sessions for the same. During these 15 days, the DGP has directed patrolling/picket and vehicle patrolling vehicles to remain alert, increase night patrolling and deploy sufficient patrolling vehicles on all sensitive highways.

Sensitive areas are divided into zones, clusters:

In his order, the DGP said that sensitive places should be divided into zones and clusters and adequate police forces should be deployed in all areas where criminal incidents are likely. He asked the responsible police departments to inform the night officers assigned to their respective police stations about the incidents of the last few days.

Besides activating security committees in all villages and mohallas, village guards were also ordered to patrol, establish communication with the upper classes of the village and install street lamps in abandoned places in the village. has gone

Public cooperation should be encouraged:

The DGP has also called for promoting public cooperation, saying that private security guards should be involved in public cooperation and should also be monitored through CCTV. For this, the DGP has asked all District Captains, Commissioners and Additional Director General of Police/Zone/Deputy Commissioner of Police/Inspector General of Police/Deputy Inspector General of Police to visit the area once a week. 15 days. is

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