In a heartbreaking incident on Monday, August 28th, a 92-year-old woman lost her life in Auch after being struck by a vehicle. The unfortunate accident occurred on N 21, near the Treille Bridge, just before 9 a.m.

The elderly pedestrian, who had suffered a cardiac arrest, was swiftly attended to by firefighters on-site. Their determined attempts to revive her were unfortunately unsuccessful. The SMUR team's declaration of her passing left a somber atmosphere at the scene.

The local authorities and emergency services rallied together to manage the situation efficiently. While the elderly driver was in a state of shock, immediate medical and emotional support was provided to her by the SAMU and the national police.

The accident briefly disrupted traffic in the area as emergency responders attended to the scene. The Treille Bridge, which had been the site of the tragedy, saw a temporary disruption to the flow of vehicles.